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Op-Ed Columns

Newsday: "'Time off to vote' is smart business."The Morning Consult: "Don’t Ignore ‘Prison Gerrymander -ing’ — an Un-American Institution."Chicago Sun Times: "A better way to elect a mayor who is supported by the most Chicagoans."The Hill: "Young Americans demand civic education — for good reason."Real Clear Education: "Colleges Can Help Unlock the Youth Vote."Morning Consult: "This Fall Semester, College Campuses Are the Laboratories of Democracy."Forbes: "Young Adults Need Time Off To Vote. The Onus Falls On Companies And Schools."Real Clear Politics: "Why Democracy Won in 2020."Roll Call: "As federal pro-voter reform stalls, advocates should prepare for state-level action."The Hill: "Protests matter, but
only turnout can save
American democracy"
Real Clear Policy: "Young Americans are Politically Engaged. They Need to be Civically Educated."The Morning Consult: "How Technology Can Eradicate Voter Suppression and Expand Voter Access."BuzzFeed: "Voting Rights Were The Biggest Winner In The Elections."Real Clear Policy: "Our Voting System is Broken. Only Voting Can Fix It."

News Coverage

Occupy.com: "Fed Up With The System, Young Voters Engage for 2020."Mount Vernon News: "Kenyon Group Informs Voters."USA Today: "As the midterms approach, groups nationwide try to woo college students to vote."WTNH 8: "Yale organization encouraging young adults to vote."New Haven Register: "Democracy Matters: Yale group making sure every vote counts."Wall Street Journal: "U.S.Colleges Clash on New Playing Field: Voter Turnout."Mount Vernon News: "Purged? Voters Urged to Check."New York Times: "Letter to the Editor. Response to 'Re-thinking the Primary System'."The Fulcrum: "Virus Threatens a Long-Anticipated Surge in Student Voting."Inside Higher Ed: "Students Push for Canceled Classes on Election Day"

Other Coverage

The Vermont Cynic: "Student Groups Split on Supporting a Candidate for Burlington Mayor."Yale University: "Yale votes: Students aim to make voting part of campus life."The Kenyon Collegian: "In Both National and Student Council Elections, Every Vote is Still Important."ACTA Forum: "Promoting Civic Engagement on Campus: A Conversation with Every Vote Counts."Yale Daily News: "Report Shows Increase in Voter Turnout."Yale Daily News: "Student Group Registers Voters."Whitman Wire: "Can Every Vote Count?"Yale Daily News: "Harvard tops Yale in voter challenge."Yale Daily News:  "Cross Campus Episode 4: VOTE!"The Politic: "A Question of Place: Where Should Out of State Students Register?"The Fordham Ram: "USG Partners With Every Vote Counts."The Yale Daily News: "Yale, Harvard to face-off in voter registration."The Harvard Crimson: "Harvard Votes Challenge Calls on Undergrads to Beat Yale — at the Ballot Box."The Yale Daily News: "Yale Votes facilitates mass campus voter registration."The Yale Daily News: "New student group seeks to boost turnout."The Yale Daily News: "A call to arms."